Waste Management & Recycling

At KGI UHP, we understand the importance of keeping waste management & recycling facilities clean and safe. That’s why we offer ultra-high pressure systems that provide a range of benefits for your operations.

KGI Multi-Functional Ultra High-Pressure Portable Systems can be used to Deep clean equipment, vehicles and buildings, decontaminate and disinfect contaminated areas. Increasing the efficiency and lifespan of waste management equipment and helping to ensure the safety of workers. In addition, our systems are a very effective and efficient fire suppression tool.

Our multi-functional portable ultra high-pressure systems (UHP’s) quickly and efficiently clean equipment and facilities. They are effective at dust suppression,  where dust and debris can cause respiratory problems for workers and can damage equipment.

Our systems are great for general cleaning, allowing you to maintain a clean and safe work environment, and ensuring that waste management & recycling equipment is working at maximum efficiency. With KGI UHP, you can trust that your facility will be running smoothly and safely.

How our bespoke systems can help you: