Specification for:

X-P 23 Petrol Engine Driven
Ultra High Pressure Wildland
Fire Fighting System

The X-P23 Wildland Ultra High Pressure (UHP) system provides optimum performance using the technology of a UHP pump, nozzles and lances all working together. The product will give you a more consistent droplet and wave after wave of quality mist with inherent hang time or the performance of a straight bore stream of high-powered water and is simple to operate and no complicated installation is required.

The X-P23 is a completely self-contained system and incorporates a state-of-the-art UHP fire suppression system powered by a petrol engine that is included in the unit.

The X-P23 is the perfect tool for the following applications: –

• Wildland Firefighting

•Dust suppression

• Fire Retarding

• Disinfecting contaminated areas

Component Specification: –

The system shall consist of the following components:

• Vanguard EFI 23HP Air Cooled Petrol Engine

• Plunger Type UHP Pump – 40LPM at 130Bar

• User Friendly Control Panel

• 40M Hose Reel with Manual Rewind

Safety and Standard Compliant: –

The system shall be designed for the safety of the operator in mind with a safety margin of 4:1 built into all components.

The Modular Skid: –

All the components will be installed on a polypropylene reinforced modular skid.

The system can be installed onto a flatbed vehicle or mounted onto a flatbed trailer making the system totally portable and can be got to work wherever it is required.

The system is lightweight and can be manually lifted clear of the vehicle / trailer for maintenance.

The system requires a water supply that can be taken from: –

• Inboard tank.

• External tank or portable dam.

• Static IBC

Branches and Lances: –

With the system being designed for wildland application, the nozzles and penetrating lances, used with the system, will be manufactured either bespoke or procured to meet the need of the user.

Additional fixed applicators around the vehicle can be manufactured at an additional cost.

Water Additive: –

At some point the system may require the addition of a water additive dependant on what it is being used for. There is a facility to batch mix additive directly into the integrated water tank and the additive can be induced from 0.2 to 0.5% for wildland use.

Types of additive available can be used for the following applications: –

• Wildland Firefighting

• Dust Suppression

• Fire Retarding

The X-P23 will minimise adverse environmental impact when in use and is constructed totally in the UK.