These products are the accumulation of our knowledge in UHP technology. Check out the video to see just how this technology is revolutionising the fire fighting industry!

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The LTAC unit had been designed to enhance any UHP pump with a minimum flow rate of 38lts per minute and minimum pressure of 100bar into a piercing/extinguishing Lance. With an extremely small footprint and no installation process required, any UHP-equipped truck can be converted on the fly with Piercing technology—allowing rapid deployment and tremendously increasing fire fighter safety.

The Dual Attack System allows for penetration of almost any structure within 30 seconds using the Piercing Lance. If the supply line to the Lance is no longer required it can be used to convert into a Blitz attack line by a single fire fighter


A multi-purpose fire-fighting system which shall be provided for firefighter safety by offensively attacking fire and fire gases from a ‘defensive position’.  Utilizing the transitional attack fire-fighting method, ultra-high pressure piercing, and cooling the fire-fighting system shall allow the operator to attack fire from a safe exterior position without the firefighter entering a situation prone to dangers such as backdraft and/or flashover.

Available in diesel, gasoline or PTO pump models.


A fire-fighting system shall be provided for offensively attacking a fire. The high pressure fire-fighting system shall allow the operator to attack fire from a safe position.  The system shall be extremely effective in fire attack operations with limited water supplies.

The fire-fighting system has proven to be highly effective in scenarios ranging from bush fires to shipping containers and everything in between!

Available in diesel, gasoline or PTO pump models.

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