Welcome to KGI’s Environmentally fully portable zero-carbon electric system. A multi-functional, ultra-high pressure system designed specifically for Maritime operations. The system is fully portable and contained in a military-grade case. Our systems are designed to a very high quality to meet the individual needs of the customer. They are designed to provide deep cleaning/decontamination of large and small areas in addition the system can deliver very effective fire suppression.

Our UHP systems use high-pressure water jets to remove and decontaminate contaminants from a wide range of maritime equipment and surface large and small. Keeping the vessel and equipment aesthetically pleasing and clean helping to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

One of the major benefits of KGI UHP systems is their ability to protect assets from fire. By piercing the compartment the fire can be extinguished before the entry of the fire fighting crews. The products of combustion remain inside the fire compartment reducing the products of combustion (smoke) affecting the passengers and other areas of the vessel.

Another great benefit of KGI multi-function UHP systems is their ability to decontaminate and disinfect contaminated areas.

High-pressure water jets can be used to remove the tough build-up of dirt

Overall, KGI UHP systems are a cost-effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your maritime operations.

How our bespoke systems can help you: