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Revolutionising the way fire is extinguished

KGI Fire’s products utilise UHP technology to improve firefighter safety
and efficiency, reducing the amount of water and allowing rapid extinguishment to take place.

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The attack on the compartment involved can be facilitated from outside the risk area from a defensive position. The apartment will be cooled reducing the risk of a flashover having a offensive effect. Making the compartment safer for the fire fighters to enter.


Reduced risk to firefighters.
Reduction in water used.
Reduction in situation control time.
Minimises water damage.
Safer environment when fire fighters enter.
Reduces environmental impact.


Ultra-High Pressure technology greatly reduces water droplet size, increasing surface area and rapidly reduces temperatures.
This means blazes attacked with UHP pose significantly less threat than those tackled with traditional technology.

What is Ultra high pressure (UHP)?

The National Fire Protection Association defines Ultra High Pressure (UHP) as fire suppression of over 1100 PSI at the pump. But what does that mean in practice?

Increased Surface Area

PyroUHP uses UHP at 1200 PSI to break down the water droplet size to 1/64th the size, therefore creating 12-16X the surface area of conventional fire suppression methods.

Faster Extinguishing

By neutralising the 'gaseous' phase of a blaze, as opposed to attacking the fuel phase immediately, the fire on a whole can be extinguished much quicker and with a far safer and methodical approach.

Optimised Water Droplet Size

PyroUHP uses 1200 PSI to create the most effective water droplet. This water droplet is light enough to travel in the flowpath of the fire and suppress it from a safe distance. It has been shown to be as effective as extinguishing 90-95% of the fire via indirect fire attack.

What sets us apart

UHP theory has been in development within firefighting since the early 2000s, but technological advancements have progressed exponentially…and KGI Fire is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of every development.

We carry several accreditations that make us unique within the firefighting space, most namely our Lloyds Register Approval and NATO number. We are the only UHP company in the world with these recognitions.

Our lightweight portable systems can be located in any locker on small appliances, RIV’s, or Ford Ranger style vehicles. Additionally, our LTAC system can be placed on a vehicle with a misting system providing it has a flow rate of 40ltrs per/min @100bar…giving it piercing capability.

Our piercing abrasive is organic and environmentally friendly unlike other types of abrasives on the market, that requires the residue in the system to be drained after use. PyroUHP abrasive can remain in the system after every use, reducing both waste and cost to the end user.

Most cost effective option. More often than not, we can provide systems that are not only superior in build, quality, efficiency and action, but also come substantially less expensive than our competitors.

Meet our directors

With a combined fire service experience of 65 years, Keith and Gavin have seen it all when it comes to fire fighting. Their extensive knowledge of both the fire fighting industry and profession give KGI Fire it’s rock-solid foundation and unique drive.




A turnkey solution for any fire vehicle

PyroBlitz is a proven tool for Vehicle, Wildland and Structural Firefighting. Use the power of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Fire Suppression to put out these fires Faster, Safer and far more Effectively.

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