Fire & Rescue Services

Welcome to KGI Multi-Functional Ultra High-Pressure Systems we design and build high-quality Petrol, Diesel and a fully portable environmentally friendly zero-carbon electric system. Our systems are designed to provide maximum firefighting capabilities, making firefighting operations safer and more efficient.

Our UHP systems have penetrating capabilities to effectively extinguish fires and protect assets whilst keeping the firefighters outside the fire compartment in a relative place of safety. This powerful combination allows for quick and efficient fire suppression, minimising damage, reducing water usage and reducing contaminated water runoff into the environment.

One of the major benefits of KGI UHP systems is the versatility of our equipment. Our Ultra-High Pressure firefighting equipment can be fixed or portable, allowing for easy deployment in a wide range of situations. Whether you need to protect a building, a vehicle, or a remote wilderness area. We can design and build a high-quality system to meet your needs.

In addition to firefighting, our UHP systems are also highly effective at decontaminating and disinfecting large and small areas,

Overall, KGI UHP systems are a cost-effective solution for Fire and Rescue Services operations.

How our bespoke systems can help you: