KGI design and build high-quality multi-functional Ultra High-Pressure Solutions for Agriculture. Our systems are designed to provide maximum efficiency to deep clean, decontaminate, and protect your on-site and off-site work from fire, making your agricultural operations cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Our UHP systems use high-pressure water jets to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from a wide range of agriculture buildings, equipment, and vehicles.

In addition to cleaning and decontamination, our UHP systems are also highly effective at suppressing dust in agricultural environments. High-pressure water mist can greatly reduce the build-up of dust clouds, improving the air quality and resulting in a cleaner and safer environment for workers.

Additionally, KGI multi-functional UHP systems can have the ability to clean pipes both surface and subsurface. High-pressure water jets are used to remove any build-up of debris causing blockages. Having the ability to clean the pipes increases the efficiency and lifespan of your piping/drying systems.

Overall, KGI UHP systems are a cost-effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your agricultural vehicles, equipment, buildings and on-site and off-site operations

How our bespoke systems can help you: