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At KGI Fire, we completely understand the scepticism that comes with a company making the claims that we do. We can only negate that scepticism by displaying how our products work, and building trust with those we work with. This page will give a background on our company and why exactly we are the authority figures within UHP technology. 

Our Business Was Built To Serve

KGI Fire Ltd is a company dedicated to promote innovative firefighting methods and equipment Its two directors are former Fire Officers of the UK Fire Service.

Their latest project is to introduce the PyroUHP™ equipment and technology which uses ultra-high pressure (UHP) piercing and firefighting technology into the UK and Irish markets. The two directors are Keith Swallow and Gavin Barnett who have combined their knowledge and experience to market the PyroUHP™ product to Fire and Rescue Services in the Municipal, Private and Commercial sectors.


Keith’s 32 year career with the UK Fire and Rescue Service saw him in charge of Trainee Training, General Training, Maritime, and Command Schools. During this time he demonstrated pure determination, gaining a Degree in Teaching from Plymouth University while working full time and fathering 2 girls.

Following retirement from active service, Keith worked for the UN in Nepal, designing and delivering Fire and Rescue related training to multi agency students. Upon his return, Keith set up KGI Fire with Gavin (see below), with the intention of improving firefighter safety, efficiency and response time. This has seen him head meetings with the British & French Navies and cover countless miles to demo UHP technology across Europe.

A true evangelist of UHP technology, any skeptic needs only 10 minutes with Keith before he converts them to seeing the phenomenal benefits of implementation.  

Contact: keith@kgifire.com 


Gavin has an incredible 42 years of firefighting experience, 33 of which were spent in UK Fire and Rescue Service. Working his way up through the fire service paved the way for his commitment to industry improvement and innovation.

Before his career in UHP technology, he sat on several working parties dedicated to the rollout of Compressed Air Foam (CAF) firefighting technology throughout the UK and Ireland. His work on behalf of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) has taken him throughout Europe, and as far as Hong Kong, as a specialist CAF & UHP operational instructor.

Gavin’s focus has now turned to establishing Ultra High Pressure firefighting equipment and methodology into Fire and Rescue Services; local authority, commercial and beyond. Having been on the other side himself, improving firefighter safety has become a steadfast passion!

Contact: gavin@kgifire.com 


The systems KGI Fire supply are for forward thinking entities in the private, commercial and military sectors. 

Our products have been proven to be the most effective option for a wide range of applications.
These include: Structural (notably high-rise), Maritime, Aviation, Vehicle and Wildfire
… meaning that our products can be implemented by anyone that may be required to fight fire at some point, not just fire brigades.

The first step is understanding just how inefficient traditional fire fighting methods are.
The second is knowing who offers the best product to bring your first fighting efforts up to date.

When you’ve taken those steps, we will be waiting for your call!


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If you are ready to start fighting fires efficiently, KGI Fire want to hear from you.
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